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Land in your body 
Embrace womanhood                            

         Come home to yourself

I'm Zahra, a mother, social worker, women's circle facilitator & doula in-the-making

I'm here to assist women in the journey back home to their bodies. In my work with 1:1 clients and groups

 It all comes down to one thing: sinking our awareness down from the mind, into the body

The magic unfolds from there


You're on the right adress if you're looking to create a better relationship with yourself, your feminity and your sensuality and want to empower yourself to show up in life from a place of pleasure and integrity

Tree Texture

we can change the world, one body at a time

Join the monthly

Maiden to Mother Call

With the intention of creating a sense of community & support for new mothers I host monthly sharing circles. Because we need to share our stories, learn from, and empower each other during the big transition from the maiden archetype to the mother archetype!

This is for you if you are interested in:

  • Motherhood

  • Pregnancy

  • Birth

  • Birthkeeping

  • Postpartum

This is also for you who is not a pregnant or a mother (yet), but interested in these topics!

This is a donation-based offer.
The next call is:

Monday 15th April
17:30 - 19:00 CET

Sessions will not be recorded

email 'Maiden to Mother'

to to join!

FLOW participant

"Thanks for making space for us to share and feel safe. You are such a great inspiration and force to bring us woman together and share. I think we all learned a lot from you. Thanks for being honest. I really liked that you also shared your thoughts/opinions after the practises and meditations. I loved all the materials and knowledge that you shared with us.'

Sweden, 2021


"Working with Zahra has helped me unraveled a lot of the things in my life. A lot of layers in my life were peeled off. It’s been both great at the moment but more so I have found very positive and healthy tools to deal with a lot of things in my life."

Sweden, 2021


"Having the individual sessions with Zahra and the sessions with a small private group of women was a fantastic combination. Experiencing how simultaneously vulnerable and strong those other women were and sharing that together was a special experience and helped me to open up and be more kind to myself."

Germany, 2021

FLOW participant

"I joined flow with the intention of just listening in and learning new things about womanhood and meeting new people and am amazed how much it’s changed my whole mentality of who and what a woman should be in all aspects. I met great ladies too and I am truly grateful for the experience. Thanks Zahra❤️"

Sweden, 2022

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