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These values are at the core of my approach​

Compassion means that I strive to guide from the heart, and that I stimulate you to live from the heart. That means less judgement, and more softness for the challenges that come with life. Because the more we judge and push the difficulties away (resist), the more they persist and sabotage all areas of our lives. And the more compassion we can bring towards ourselves and others, the more we can heal and experience a sense of wholeness within ourselves.

Authenticity means that I always do my best to lead from my core and my core values, and that in my work I encourage you to do the same. That means to live by your personal values that are unique to you. It also means that I always guide you towards your own answers and solutions, rather than telling you what to do, because this empowers you the most to lead in your own authentic way!

Sustainability is at the core of my approach because of my love for the planet, nature and the human body. I recognise that we are emotional beings. When we push ourselves and keep striving from goals that come solely from the head, and not the heart, it always comes at a cost. I believe that exactly this is what we see in the fast-paced world that disconnects us from our bodies, and from the planet. With detrimental results. I believe that we can only heal the planet if we heal ourselves first. We need to take care of ourselves and go about our lives in a way that is sustainable, not just for our bank accounts, but also for our bodies, our relationships and the planet. Therefore when you work with me you'll notice I will always encourage you to do things at your own pace, in your own way, with plenty space for rest and integration. Because sustainable growth happens slowly and in cycles, rather than in a straight upwards line. 

The value of sustainability also means that I donate 10% of profits to different charities that help bring healing to the world.

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