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Terms & Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly and carefully check your own information upon booking.

These terms and conditions apply to the Rooted Woman retreat, hosted by Rodi Sarivan (Rodica Sarivan) and Zahra Leila (Zahra Hagouchi) (below mentioned as ‘the hosts') at Borgo degli Aranci on Sicily from September 26 till October 1, 2023.

1. Booking
1.1 By signing up for this retreat through,
 the participant agrees to the following conditions.

2. Participation
2.1 Registration is only final after receipt of the deposit or full investment. Participation is on a voluntary basis and participants are free to opt out of the offered retreat. Canceling the retreat does not entitle you to a refund of the deposit, nor to a replacement lesson or activity.
2.2 Participation in the retreat is only possible after having paid the full 100% of the cost. If the participant booked with a 20% deposit and without a payment plan, the participant will receive a request for the remaining 80% of the cost 8 weeks before commencement of the retreat. This is not applicable when the participant chooses to pay the full amount upon booking.

3. Behaviour
3.1 The host expects the participants to behave respectfully towards each other and the host.

4. Damage
4.1 Any damage will be the full responsible of the participant who caused it.

5. Liability
5.1 The hosts will do their utmost to ensure a safe and orderly environment. However, in the event of accidents or other unforeseen circumstances, the host is not liable for any damage and/or injuries.

6. Medical Disclaimers
6.1 The activities as offered are intended as a leisure activity and not as a replacement for medically necessary treatments or therapy. Always discuss physical and/or psychological complaints with a qualified doctor.
6.2 Always report to the hosts whether you have any physical complaints before a practice. The program may be adapted accordingly. Participation is always at your own risk.
6.3 You hereby declare that you waive any claims against the hosts and the staff for any injury and whatever damage you may incur that may be associated with participation in the retreat.

7. Own risk and liability
7.1 Participation in the program is at your own risk. The hosts are not responsible for damage and/or loss of property of the participant, or for any form of physical injury before, during or after a workshop or practice.

8. Declaration of health
8.1 When booking, the participant is expected to have a good understanding of their own physical and mental health and possible limitations or risks attached to them.
8.2 In case of physical or mental health issues which could be a cause for concern, please notify the host.

9 Other payment terms
9.1 Upon booking, the non refundable deposit of 20% of the total cost must be paid immediately through 
9.2 The participant is able to choose between paying the 20% non refundable deposit up front or paying the full 100% of the cost up front.
9.3 In case of paying the 20% non refundable deposit during the booking, the participant has the choice between paying off the remaining 80% of the cost in monthly instalments or the remaining 80% of the cost will be invoiced 8 weeks prior to the retreat.
9.4 Payment plans are available upon request.
9.5 All amounts stated are per person and include VAT.
9.6 The program is flexible and can be adapted by the hosts to the special wishes and needs of the group if necessary.
9.7 The participant is entirely responsible for always being present in time at the pre-specified times for participation in the program. The possible missing or late arrival of the participant is never a reason for a refund.

10. Included
10.1 The prices include participation in the full programme and include accommodation, workshops, practices, meals, drinks and additional activities.

11. Cancellation Policy
11.1 If the participant decides to cancel, the 20% deposit paid upon booking is not refunded.
11.2 In case the participant paid 100% of the cost up front, up to eight weeks before the retreat 80% of the cost will be refunded. A payment plan will be refunded accordingly.
11.3 Eight weeks or less before the retreat, a refund is not possible. 
Registration is transferable if discussed with hosts.
11.4 In the event of insufficient registrations or special circumstances, the hosts reserve the right to cancel the retreat. In this case, all payments made will be refunded.
11.5 Cancellation can only be made by e-mail, whereby the date of the e-mail applies as the cancellation date.
11.6 The participant is fully responsible for the correct and timely receipt of the cancellation.

12. Insurance
12.1 The participant is responsible for taking health, accident, travel and cancellation insurance.

13. Transfers
13.1 It is possible to book (airport) transfer to and from Borgo degli Aranci through the hosts. 
13.2 The costs for this are fully borne by the participant. For budget and environment purposes, effort will be made to combine transfers based on arrival times. 
13.3 Upon booking a transfer through the hosts, the participant agrees with potential short wait times to limit cost and emission.

14. Accommodation Rules
14.1 Smoking is not allowed in the accommodation.
14.2 Room lay-outs are based on first-come-first serve and are not allowed to be changed.
14.3 Alcohol will not be served during the retreat.

15. Correspondence
15.1 All correspondence between the organisation and the participant takes place through email to the email address provided by the participant when booking.
15.2 The participant is fully responsible for ensuring receipt of e-mail.
15.3 The participant can never invoke e-mail that has not been received if the hosts can demonstrate that it has been sent.

16. Unforeseen Circumstances
16.1 In circumstances not covered in these Terms and Conditions, the hosts will decide and take into account local law and customs, using reasonableness and fairness.

17. General claim for personal data
17.1 The hosts handle your personal data with the utmost care and complies with the laws and regulations in the field of personal data protection, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
17.2 The hosts processes your data to provide you the agreed services, to answer questions and to send invoices.
17.3 The hosts save your data when this is necessary for the realisation of the purposes for which we process your data and for no longer than is legally permitted. The ultimate retention period differs per type of personal data. After the retention period, your personal data will be anonymized or deleted.
17.4 The hosts do not provide or sell any data to third parties. The hosts may, however, be required by law or regulation to process your personal data and/or provide it to third parties. For example, when a competent authority such as the tax authorities requests this.
17.5 The GDPR lays down a number of rights of data subjects. Everyone has the right to view, correct or supplement his or her personal data, to have it deleted, to request a limitation of processing, to have it transferred and to object to the processing of his or her personal data.

18. Coronavirus measures
18.1 During the retreat, any current measures relevant to Italy will be followed and upheld.
18.2 If the retreat is cancelled due to increased Italian restrictions, the participant will be offered an alternative date or be fully refunded.
18.3 If you are unable to come to the retreat due to restrictions in your own country, a refund cannot be provided. Refer to your cancellation and travel insurance for a (often full) refund.
18.4 If you do not want to go on the retreat because it feels unsafe, you are not entitled to compensation through the hosts. Fear is not a ‘valid’ reason to cancel the trip free of charge.
18.5 The hosts will take all safety measures necessary to ensure a safe and calm space for all participants and staff. Active involvement of participants to ensure this is required.

In order to participate in the retreat you must agree to these terms and conditions. By booking, you declare that you have taken note of and agree to the general terms and conditions. 

Please read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly and carefully check your own information upon booking.

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