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Sicily Retreat

Wild Wise Woman

Ignite the wisdom and medicine

from within your body


This is a call to you to come in and share with us a space in sisterhood.

A space where we can explore all of the magic and the healing power within.

A circle that is safe and welcomes ALL of you.

Where no parts of our bodies are shamed.

Where no parts of our expressions are rejected.

Where we are welcome and seen in our wholeness.


Supported by mother earth we gather in ceremony 

To come home to our bodies,

To come home to our inner wisdom 

To come home to our wild and wise selves!

You are invited to our epic upcoming 6-day Women's Retreat on the mystical island of Sicily!

We are opening a safe and sacred space for you to explore and express the pure and authentic version of you, and to fully step into the Wild Wise Woman that you are!



Borgo degli Aranci is the essence of true Sicilian countryside living. It's a large property divided into three colonial houses with a swimming pool and epic views over the sea and Mount Etna. It provides the luxury and privacy that will make this retreat unforgettable.

Borgo degli Aranci

As you make your way down the long drive past countless orange trees, you will catch your first glimpse of the soft tones of Borgo degli Aranci’s sun-bleached walls. On arrival, your focus will turn to the immaculate lawns and the inviting pool… there is no doubt: this is a special place!
Borgo degli Aranci is surrounded by a wonderful garden and a beautiful orange grove which ensure complete privacy!


There are three buildings making it possible for us to enjoy our own space and privacy in private rooms. All the rooms are furnished with 1 double bed and decorated in a wonderful Italian style. 


During our 6 days retreat, our host will offer us delicious and locally sourced vegan and vegetarian food. We will have brunch and dinner every day. You will also be provided fruit to snack on, but please also bring snacks yourself if you feel you'll need more energy throughout the day. We care about individual dietary requirements - just let us know in your application. Filtered water is also provided, bring your own water bottle. 

Getting there

The nearest airport is Catania-Fontanarossa (CTA). We can arrange a pick-up upon request.
If you decide to come on your own, follow the directions to Via Civi, 10, 95013 Fiumefreddo di Sicilia CT, Italia. 
here for more info about Borgo degli Aranci.


The Practices 

Our days will be filled with rituals, ceremonies and practices focused on re-connecting with our bodies, femininity, inner wisdom,  and mother earth.

Zahra's focus is on practices around the yoni and womanhood to release shame and activate the source of feminine power, pleasure, and purpose.

Rodi will create space for embodied somatic movement, where we will RE-connect with the natural flow of energy, welcoming in the spirals, the circles, the waves for a deeper connection with our physical, emotional, and spiritual body. 

Within all practices safety and consent are at the center, everything is an invitation, not a must! As trauma-aware facilitators, we encourage you to honor your boundaries and go at your own pace*.

Sample Day

09:00  Earth + Water Ritual 

11:30    Brunch

14:00   Yoni Steam

17:00   Rest & Integration

19:00   Dinner

21:00   Sharing Circle

* These times might change

* We are hosting this retreat according to the Wise Woman Tradition, which refers to the healing lineages that have existed for centuries, since the beginning of humanity. She includes all traditional healing modalities that were and still are embodied by witches, midwives, herbalists, mothers, grandmothers, and healers. It's these women who remind us that there is nothing wrong with us. We are not broken. We are whole, just as we are.




I’m a human being devoted to living a life of freedom and bringing tangible value to the world. I'm working on supporting other women with their own journey of coming back to their bodies and reconnecting with the innate power that resides within us all. 

We are all incredible beings, we all have an innate source of power within us. 

We just need to remember that! 

Connect with it!

And come back HOME! 

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My journey from mind to body started at age 17, when I had a psychosis. I experienced what happens when I don’t listen to my body and intuition. And when I let fears rule my life. Therapy, coaching, yoga, embodiment and nature have had a huge impact eversince. I discovered that there is more to life than the rational, that my body is perfect and sacred and about the power that lays within my womb and cyclicality. I discovered that womanhood is not a burden, but an absolute blessing. And that there is nothing that brings me more joy than to share this and connect with others as a coach and teacher.

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You are a magical, wild & wise woman!

You have innate wisdom and power within you.

The wisdom and power that allows you to step

into your most magnificent essence. 


You have it imprinted in your bones, in your flesh,

in your womb, and in your soul. 

You are a sacred being ready to bloom into the most potent and incredible wild & wise woman. 

You are perfect and whole just the way you are,

with all of your emotions,

all of your experiences,

and all of your expressions.


You desire an intimate connection with your body 

 You have a deep longing to be held in sisterhood 

 You have been longing to remember who you are at the core of your being 

You wish to feel free of shame around your womanhood, yoni, and sexuality 

You are ready to step into your authentic power and embody the wild wise woman that has been there all along 

 You feel the wild & wise woman calling! 


Full Payment




Payment Plan

3 payments of €366

Not Included
▽ Airport Pickup (€ 20,- if 3 or more people, €50.- for single person) 
▽ Travel to Sicily
▽ One-to-one bookable sessions with Rodi or Zahra
What's Included

▽ 5 nights in a private room in one of three villas
with access to kitchen (first come, first serve)

▽ 2x day vegan/vegetarian organic meals locally sourced + fruit to snack on

▽ 3x day practices

▽ 1x trip to Mount Etna or Taormina (to be confirmed soon)

▽ Life-time sisterhood connections

* We have limited capacity so please reserve your space early *

Read the terms & conditions


this is your inner wild & wise woman calling you to remember (I'd say calling you home) 

  • What time does the retreat start on the 26th and end on the 1st?
    Arrival is on Tuesday the 26th of September between 10 and 14 o'clock. At 12 we will have lunch with who is already present. At 16 o'clock we will have the opening ceremony! On Sunday the 1st of October we have a last ceremony around 10 am and then have one last lunch together. The leaving time is between 14 and 18 o'clock, but if you need to leave earlier due to flights, that is no problem!
  • Will there be plant medicine ceremonies?
    We are not using mushrooms, ayahuasca or other strong plant medicines. The only plants we work with are herbs and plants, and in amounts that are generally safe and won't cause strong direct reactions. We will also be drinking ceremonial cacao, which has a heart-opening effect and can be very transformative (yet gentle), especially when taken in ceremony.
  • Is it possible to arrive a day earlier?
    Unfortunately it isn't, but if you are arriving to the island earlier we would be happy to help you find another accomodation before you join us on the 26th.

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