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Rest Release Receive

the free 3 day workshop series to
come home to your inner feminine

 July 13th - 14th - 15th 2022
19:00 - 21:00 CET Daily over Zoom

What you will gain from attending:

3 practical steps to liberate your feminine source of connection, power, purpose and pleasure

A deeper connection to your body

Knowledge & tools that will help you to express your wild, wise feminine self more boldly!

An experience of sisterhood

Day 1 Rest
Settle your nervous system, nourish your body & cultivate a deep sense of safety

Day 2  Release
Through somatic movement, breath and sharing in sisterhood, release stuck energy from your body & mind to create space!

Day 3  Receive 
Open yourself to your source of feminine connection, pleasure, power,  and purpose!

This is for you if...

You desire to do things differently, work with your body, instead of against

 You desire to embody your fullest feminine expression

You are tired of doing it all alone, and want to be held in sisterhood

You desire a life with more pleasure, purpose and power.

Receive a special BONUS for attending the workshops LIVE!

Your Hosts



I’m a human being devoted to living a life of freedom and bringing tangible value to the world. I'm working on supporting other women with their own journey of coming back to their bodies and reconnecting with the innate power that resides within us all. 

We are all incredible beings, we all have an innate source of power within us. 

We just need to remember that! 

Connect with it!

And come back HOME! 

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My journey from mind to body started at age 17, when I had a psychosis. I experienced what happens when I don’t listen to my body and intuition. And when I let fears rule my life. Therapy, coaching, yoga, embodiment and nature have had a huge impact eversince. I discovered that there is more to life than the rational, that my body is perfect and sacred and about the power that lays within my womb and cyclicality. I discovered that womanhood is not a burden, but an absolute blessing. And that there is nothing that brings me more joy than to share this and connect with others as a coach and teacher.

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What others say:

 'I love how safe your sessions feel. Not only this one, but the group ones, too. I always feel seen and included. Your reminders to breathe are very much apreciated and always come at the right time as well. :D You are super mindful and aware of what is needed. When we need a bit of a challenge or when we need to take it veeery slow. You’re hands down the best yoga teacher I’ve worked with.'

Patricia, UK (Zahra's Client)

 'FLOW is a wonderful opportunity to work on your relationship with your body and femininity in a small and safe circle of women. I loved that everyone was able to be vulnerable within a beautiful support system - sharing our fears and experiences helped each and one of us to heal and become stronger. Make sure to have a safe space to attend the sessions and practice. I can recommend FLOW to every woman out there - it will truly shift something within you and your body will finally feel heard!'

Clara, Germany (Zahra's Client, FLOW was a group-program)

'I think one of my main realisation was to know that there are other women with the same "struggles", hopes and wishes. I do believe that's very powerful!'

Anonymous, Netherlands (Zahra's client)

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