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Life is cyclical, not lineair

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

As I observed the trees in the Swedish forest, I have closely witnessed them transform. From bold, without leaves and much color in winter. To spring, knobs emerging slowly, and then as the sun grows stronger, burst with aliveness and brightness in summer. Flowers blossoming, fruits ripening. To autumn as the fruits fall first, then the flowers and leaves. Being composted by fungi. Where the material rests, and eventually is turned into fuel for a new cycle.

A tree doesn't resist, doesn't prefer summer over winter. If we feel like it does prefer one over the other, we are projecting our western mindset onto the tree. Because the tree just is. Stands strongly and surrenders to the cycles of life. Yet growing, slowly but steadily, sometimes resting, sometimes taking a sprint.

The intelligence knows that rest is necessary. How come we as humans think we are the exception? How come we think that we can grow steadily, with the same energy levels every day, month, year, a lifetime?

Wouldn't it be freeing if we accepted that we are not lineair beings? But that we grow slowly, cyclically, just like trees? And if the moments after we can take a sprint, are not considered more valuable than the moments we rest?

If we as a human species would surrender to our cyclicality, just like trees, we would be more balanced as individuals and as communities. And we would bring the balance back to the earth, back to our source of life.

We simply cannot continue to live in disconnect with half of what provides us with life.

Trees couldn't survive if it was summer year-round. We cause death and destruction as a result of favoring the archetype of the summer, and suppressing the other seasonal archetypes that are just as crucial for survival, balance and growth.

We need to use nature, the nature around us, as well as our inner nature, as our guide again. Showing us that we, just like trees, need ALL seasons. Not just we

ather-wise, but also internally. The archetype of the summer means high-energy physically, fast-thinking mentally, and happy feelings emotionally. It represents the force, action and the rational aspects of our lives. The archetype of the winter means low-energy physically, less mental thinking and more space for our emotions. It represents the rest, fluid and emotional aspects of our lives. The spring and autumn archetypes are the transitions from the winter archetype to the summer archetype and the other way around.

I am not saying that we should only be resting in winter, and only be action-taking in summer. This text is an invitation to indeed have the seasons be a guideline, but to also look at the shorter cycles that are present within our bodies. These are the 24-hour circadian rhythm for both men and women, and the 28 day (or-so, depending on the menstrual cycle-length) infradian rhythm for women, that follows the menstrual cycle and the moon cycle.

These are all invitations to look at the cyclicality that is present

within each one of us and within each day, week, month and year. So that we can allow ourselves to surrender to th

e natural ups and downs of life and embrace our cyclical essence. And trust me when I say that implementing this nature teaching into your life, comes with a sense of wholeness, belonging and deep meaning.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

Hermes Trismegistus

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