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the Pregnant Goddess Circle

Sisterhood - Education - Embodiment Practice
all things pregnancy & birth

Join us for four Pregnant Goddess Circles

Starting November 11th

Pregnant and longing for a different type of  support?

If you're anything like me, you might be feeling/ have felt lonely in your pregnancy. You want to do things differently, you know there is a way to experience this phase of womanhood as empowering and joyful, instead of a time of suffering and fear. You might crave to speak to other women for support and to uplift each other.


Community & sisterhood are crucial during this time!


You are not alone.

And we are here for you!


During our circle every other friday until I am 8,5 months pregnant and going into my coccoon, we will gather for 2 hours over zoom to do practices to connect to our growing babies, our wombs and complete bodies in preparation for birth, to share our knowledge (I'll share all resources that have helped me a lot so far), but mainly: to share!


We all have wisdom inside of us, much of which get's activated in the potent time of pregnancy, especially in presence of other women

This is a space just for you, your baby and your sisters who are here to support you.

Who's this for?

Although I am focusing on pregnancy, women who already are mothers, or those who desire to become pregnant/are prepping for pregnancy, or for any other reason fascinated by the transistion from maiden into motherhood (i.g. doula's in the making), are also very welcome! Your input is undoubtetly helpful for the group and praticipating can contribute to your healing, especially if you did not have the support you desired during your pregnancy and birth.

You can join for single sessions or immediately book all 4 circles (the full circle package) for a juicy discount!

When you click the 'book now' link below it'll lead you through steps, where eventually you can choose a plan, which is where you can claim your discount!

Dates (always from 19 - 21 CET)

Friday 11th November 

Friday 25th November

Friday 9th December

Friday 23th December

Get one circle for free if you buy the full circle package (4 circles)!

What you can expect to gain from joining:


Feeling of sisterhood and community


Feeling more connected to and more love for your body & baby


Less fear and increased confidence for your upcoming birth


More confidence around becoming a mother


Knowledge on how to support your body, mind & spirit during pregnancy


For those post-partum: having brought healing to your unique experiences


About your host

As a social worker, coach and embodiment facilitator focused on women's empowerment through the yoni, I was beyond excited to find out in April that my yoni was going through her biggest initiation and transformation yet: pregnancy!

My pregnancy has been a pure blessing and is helping me step even more into my power as a woman and facilitator and I am beyond excited to share all that is supporting me with you! I also secretively created the PGC because this is the space I have been longing for since the beginning of my pregnancy as I, like any other woman, have experienced the ups and downs, and the fears that come with this transition.

  • Available Online

    Pregnancy sisterhood, education & practice 11 nov - 25 nov - 9 dec - 2...

    22 euros
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