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Hi, I'm Zahra

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This mentorship is what I needed a few years ago, when I was living in disconnect of my body, "from the neck up". Carrying a lot of body-shame and heavy beliefs and emotions holding me down. I wasn't feeling good enough. Actually, I still feel this way sometimes, but I now have the awareness that this is not my deepest truth. ​

I came to this realization through my healing journey that started about 10 years ago after experiencing severe mental illness. I found my way from being hospitalized with a psychosis, completely out of touch with myself, and heck, reality for that matter. To now not only feeling grounded and physically and mentally healthy, but I also deeply feel my worth through connecting with my body on a daily basis. I have used this to show up boldly and do the things that feel most authentic to me, give me joy AND serve the world. I am here to guide you back home to yourself, so that you can also start to show up as your most radiant expression of yourself.

Heal your relationship to your body

Cultivate self-compassion & self-worth

Catalyze meaningful change in your life

Step into your innermost authentic expression

Tell me, do you desire to

Liberate yourself from the shame you hold around your body?

Catalyze a sacred connection to your body, your source of wisdow, pleasure and power?

Instead of suppressing, feel and embody ALL emotions so that you can transform them into fuel for a life that's authentic and meaningful?

Instead of seeking solutions outside of yourself, turn inwards and come HOME to yourself?


3 Months of 1:1 Healing

6 sessions of 75 mins through Zoom

In-between support through WhatsApp. This is a place for you to ask any questions and share thoughts, i.g. wins and difficult situations

Magic Diary: a google document in which you can journal on your progress and it's also the home for your weekly personalised tools or assignments.

Complete Transformation

6 Months of 1:1 Healing

12 sessions of 75 mins, so we can dive even deeper and you have more time to integrate all the insights from the sessions.

In-between support through WhatsApp.

Magic Diary with more personalised tools. 

A BONUS Private 90 min Embodiment Yoga Session with practices uniquely tailored to you!

Let's work wíth your body, instead of against


"Zahra creates a safe environment for her mentees to share their experiences and grow with her guidance. Everything we touched helped me realize things about myself - patterns, insecurities, imbalances, fears. Even though I had psychotherapy before I realized once again how important it is to face your biggest fears and accept the emotions that come with getting in touch with yourself. I cried and laughed and was overwhelmed with emotions at times - but oh how much I felt better after going through all of this!"

Germany, 2021


"With the ongoing pandemic and this period of uncertainty the coaching has been a huge support and a safe zone during this time. The sessions has helped me too look deep inside under the surface and to get in touch with the feminine side and vulnerable feelings. This has helped me to gain more clarity about my emotions and reaction patterns to practice more resilience and mental strength. Feel so blessed."

Sweden, 2020


"Working with Zahra has helped me unravel many things in my life. A lot of layers were peeled off. It’s been both great at the moment but more so I have found very positive and healthy tools to deal with a lot of things in my life."

Sweden, 2021


"The most important thing I learned through the mentorship is to be more aware of the backgrounds of the problems I am facing in relationships, I now know the root of them. I also learned to have more compassion for myself and that the most difficult things you experience in life also result into positive characteristics. Thank you so much for your guidance."


the Netherlands, 2020

This is for you if

  • You are tired of living in the head, doing things the masculine way that leaves you feeling stuck, unsatisfied, stressed and not good enough.

  • You are ready to uncover the causes of this disconnect to find healing on an embodied level.

  • You have tried all sorts of things like diets, regimes, workout plans to fit your body into the beauty standard so that you could love her... instead you want to experience a love that comes from within.

  • You know that you don't have to do it all alone and that working with a mentor speeds up the process towards a life with meaning, connection and flow.

  • You are willing to create the space and time for what is most important: the relationship with yourself, that affects all other areas of your life.

  • You feel a deep call to rise into your deepest most authentic expression

Book an exploration call to find out if this is a match
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