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Morning Embodiment Meditation
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Is your yoni loving this and wanting more?

1:1 Deep Feminine Mentorship

Awaken your deep feminine source of power, pleasure & purpose

I am opening up only 1 more spot for a magical woman for my private mentorship before I go on parental leave as my body is pleasurably growing a human!

Do you want to become fluent in the language of your body?

Experience a sense of safety and pleasure in your day-to-day life?

Want to embrace all things womanhood & become more of the wise and powerful woman you've deep down always been?

Then maybe this 2 month mentorship is reserved for you!

With my body-first and trauma-sensitive approach I guide my clients through transformation from a basis of safety. I do not believe in quick-fixed or a one-size-fits all, that's why I love working 1:1 through sessions where we have the time and space to adjust to and go deeply into what you are wanting and needing.

What previous clients say:

My biggest insights: Tons! Everything we touched helped me realize things about myself - patterns, insecurities, imbalances, fears. Even though I had psychotherapy before I realized once again how important it is to face your biggest fears and accept the emotions that come with getting in touch with yourself. I cried and laughed and was overwhelmed with emotions at times - but oh how much I felt better after going through all of this! I learned to listen to my body and my soul. To understand where my boundaries are and to set them up. To accept my fears and weaknesses as nothing bad but something that has a reason to exist. Therefore I learned to be kind and compassionate with myself and to give myself space to grow. I learned to be vulnerable. And I learned to stand up for myself. I (re)discovered the old and new me


Germany, 2021

With the ongoing pandemic and this period of huge uncertainty the coaching has been a huge support and a safe zone during this time. The sessions has helped me too look deep inside under the surface and to get in touch with the feminine side and vulnerable feelings. This has helped me to gain more clarity about my emotions and reaction patterns to practice more resilience and mental strength. Feel so blessed.


Sweden, 2020

'It benefited me in so many ways, I can’t quite put it into words… I feel more grounded (we worked on my root chakra mostly) in myself and more…secure! I actually have a relationship with my feet and my legs now, which I clearly didn’t before. I am now slowly establishing a routine, in which I honour all parts of my body and give my feet some special attention for as long as they need it. Changing my focus during my meditations was also incredibly good advice. Doing that has changed the game for me.'



United Kingdom, 2021

'With Zahra as my coach I was able to make real progress on releasing past versions of myself that were molded out of safety and fear. Zahra was able to create a space with her guided meditations and tender acceptance that allowed me to reveal deep parts of my psyche to her. This aided tremendously in my healing process. She was able to give me specific practices that allowed me to accept and release these parts of me, giving birth to a more expansive version of myself that wasn't afraid to express himself as he choses. I was able to tap into the energy of my future self with one of her guided meditations, which I still use to this day. I am extremely grateful for Zahra's coaching experience as it has helped me tremendously get closer to myself and understand myself better.'


 Adam A. Moody

USA, 2022

If you're interested, fill in this form for a free 30 min call where you'll receive all details & can get a taste!

Thank you! I'll soon be in touch.

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