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16.12.21       17 CET       ZOOM

Dancing with Perfectionism

the free masterclass by Zahra Leila

Learn the art of dancing with your perfectionism to make space for joy & human connection

Having a hard time taking action towards your dreams?

You find yourself  'not ready' & continuously waiting for the right moment?

Is your perfectionism holding you back?


You have come to the right place!

I used to think I wasn't ready and continued to wait with things like starting my business and starting to show up online. Because what if I messed up? What would people think?

But along the way I realised: I am never going to feel ready unless I start. I had to start taking messy action. And I did, using the tools that I'll teach you in this masterclass, and it changed everything.


And you know what? I still don't feel ready all the time!


I still have a perfectionistic side that tells me I need to wait, do more and be more ... AND I have found a way to dance with this part of myself.


It's not only helping me towards my dreams, but it's also helping me to be of service, to be more myself and to experience real connection. If I wouldn't have found ways to dance with my perfectionism, this masterclass would have never been created! And I would not have been able to serve beautiful people like you.

Learning to dance with my perfectionism has brought a lot of joy into my life and I cannot wait for you to experience this for yourself!

Dancing with Perfectionism is for you if you desire to:

Stop waiting for the right time, and start showing up more fully

No longer feel the need to be perfect, and instead know that your imperfections are your superpower in attracting  joy & connection

Use movement as a tool towards messy, inspired action

BONUS Giveaway

Attend the Masterclass LIVE on Thursday the 16th 17 CET for a chance to

win a 60 min 1:1 Perfectionism Coaching Session with moi!

To catapult your unique process towards your deepest desires

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