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for the love of


a journey back to the feminine

your body as the gateway

Zahra Leila  

Body Homecoming  ⋇  Feminine Reclamation  ⋇  Sacred Sisterhood

This is your invitation to remember the deep feminine within, that's been there all along

Let's take a sneak peak ...

Week 1

Legs & Feet ⋇ roots

Week 2

Heart & Breasts  opening

Week 3

Ovaries ⋇ Egg Wisdom

Week 4

Womb Menstruation



Imagine this...

An epic journey through your body, one bodypart at a time

Being supported by an intimate group of women

Releasing body shame and reclaiming your body as yours alone

And finding your source of pleasure, power and purpose

Inside FLOW we journey back to the deep feminine, using the body as our map and sisterhood as our accelerator.


Week 5:

Pussy ⋇ Pleasure

Week 6: 

Hands  Creativity

Week 7: 

Troath Communication

Week 8:

Mind & Crown  Rebirth

For the love of woman is for you if ...

You desire a loving relationship with your body & want to work wíth her instead of against


You are intrigued about the way of the feminine that is liberating, exciting and in flow


You desire to experience your menstrual cycle as magical and empowering instead of a burden


Your inner goddess is calling, because she knows what's possible for you...


Hi, I'm Zahra Leila


Women's Coach, Yoga Teacher and Social Worker. I created this mentorship because it is  what I needed a few years ago, when I was living in disconnect of my body, "from the neck up". Carrying a lot of body-shame & heavy beliefs and emotions around my femininity, sensuality and sexuality.


I wasn't feeling good enough.

I even felt like it was a disadvantage and even unsafe to be a woman in the world.


And you know what? These experiences can still pop up every now and again while still living in a world that's built on patriarchy (not for much longer though!). However, I now have the awareness that this is not my deepest truth and a shit ton of tools to guide me back into alignment when this happens.


My deepest truth is that my body is not only beautiful, but also sacred and my source of unique pleasure, purpose and feminine power.


I came to this truth through my healing journey that started about 10 years ago after experiencing severe mental illness. I found my way from being hospitalized with a psychosis, completely out of touch with myself, and heck, reality for that matter.


To now not only feeling grounded and physically and mentally healthy, but I also deeply feel my worth through connecting with my body on a daily basis. I have used this to show up boldly and do the things that feel most authentic to me, give me joy AND serve the world.

I am here to guide you back home to yourself, so that you can also start to show up as your most radiant expression of yourself.


What previous participants say


FLOW is a transformational journey that can bring confidence in your life and a deeper understanding about yourself and femininity. It gives you the space to share safely and tools to learn and grow in ways that you did not expect. It's a reminder that helps to feel connected to nature, your body and spirit and to work from intuition.


Sweden, 2021


'FLOW is a wonderful opportunity to work on your relationship with your body and femininity in a small and safe circle of women. I loved that everyone was able to be vulnerable within a beautiful support system - sharing our fears and experiences helped each and one of us to heal and become stronger. Make sure to have a safe space to attend the sessions and practice. I can recommend FLOW to every woman out there - it will truly shift something within you and your body will finally feel heard!'


Germany, 2021


'I joined flow with the intention of just listening in and learning new things about womanhood and meeting new people and am amazed how much it’s changed my whole mentality of who and what a woman should be in all aspects. I met great ladies too and I am truly grateful for the experience.'

Sweden, 2021

What's Included

7 Live, 2,5 hrs deep dive Sisterhood Ceremonies through Zoom

Weekly Guided Recorded Practices & Meditations

A private Facebook group for participants-only

Two Live Q&A's in the Facebook group

One e-book per week, filled with wisdom & practices

A beautiful online portal where you can find all in one place, including the ceremony replays




After FLOW, you will:

Have a new enriched understanding and appreciation of your body

Carry less shame and more freedom around your womanhood, femininity, pleasure and sexuality

Feel more connected to the women in your life

Have a deepening relationship to your intuition

Have deeply shifted how you experience and relate to your menstrual cycle

Walk away with a LOT of practices and tools that help you to continue on this deeply healing journey

Might even have new romance find you or transform your existing relationship (two previous graduates fell in love and started a new relationship during FLOW! Just sayin')



8 weeks of deep healing of the feminine

8 intimate Ceremonies through Zoom, max 6 participants

Access to the FLOW Portal with weekly new meditations and practices

Payment Plans Available


8 weeks of deep healing

8 Ceremonies through Zoom, max 6 participants

Access to the FLOW Portal

PLUS a BONUS 1:1  90 min coaching session to catapult your journey towards your most radiant, feminine and authentic expression (worth €150).

Payment Plans Available


A new round will begin in spring or summer 2023


More info will follow soon.​

There will only be 6 spots available and there are already several on the waitlist, send me an email titled 'FLOW' at to also enter the waitlist!

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